Natural skin care for acne

Top 7 Natural Skin Care Products for Acne

Acne can be so frustrating and it seems like a balancing act trying to treat it. There are plenty of expensive chemical products out there. But if you want to use natural skin care products for acne that are easier on your skin (and wallet), I have some great choices for you.

It’s not just about removing oil. Acne-prone skin still needs some moisture. It’s also about getting rid of bacteria that may be causing your acne. You also want to soothe your skin while thoroughly cleaning so it doesn’t overreact to harsh chemicals and hormones.

These natural products are perfect for treating acne as they don’t inflame the skin and help your skin look beautiful and healthier naturally. Ready to get started? Let’s go.

1. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Clay Wash – The Body Shop

This face wash is formulated with bamboo charcoal from the foothills of the Himalayans. Charcoal is porous and pulls the impurities out of your skin and into the charcoal. It’s like a magnet! This formula also includes kaolin clay which has a similar effect in pulling out impurities.

It also contains tea tree oil, which is thought to be antibacterial, killing bacteria that can cause skin outbreaks. But, it still makes your skin soft and smooth without overdrying. And it smells amazing.

This is a fantastic first step in acne treatment. Check it out today.

2. True Botanicals CLEAR Nutrient Toner

Beautiful natural and organic herbals like sandalwood, green tea leaf extract, algae extract help balance oily skin while leaving it feeling well-nourished. Natural scents indulge the senses. Hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin.

This is the next step after cleansing to finish the cleansing process and close pores. Try this amazing toner for acne-prone skin. The reviews are excellent. It really works for acne without drying.

3. Tea Tree Deep Detox Mask – 100% Pure

Loaded with natural herbs and french green clay, this mask helps purify pores of oil and environmental pollutants. Antioxidants help soothe the skin so it can heal. This is worth trying.

Includes these natural ingredients for clearer skin:

4. Charcoal Konjac Sponge – 100% Pure

Using this konjac sponge with bamboo charcoal will rev up your skin cleansing routine. The bamboo charcoal deep cleans and draws out impurities and excess oil. Most people have reported cleaner and softer skin in a week or two.

Extremely gentle on skin, even sensitive skin benefits from this Charcoal Konjac Sponge. Try this instead of a washcloth for more delicate care of acne-prone skin.

5. OSEA Blemish Balm Moisturizer – Detox Market

Your skin will love this light moisturizer that helps clarify and purify your skin all day or all night. It is formulated with algae and seaweed with tea tree oil and several other calming herbs to give you a glow and keep your skin clear.

The reviews are amazing! This stuff really works. And, you can order samples from The Detox Market so you can try them out before you go all in. Really give this moisturizer a try for oily or acne-prone skin.

6. Osmia Spotless Blemish Oil – Spot Treatment

Quickly get rid of breakouts with this acid-free gentle spot treatment and it really works without inflaming your skin. Even for cystic spots! Cajeput oil with soothing evening primrose oil and lemon for detoxing. This won’t dry out your skin but heal.

Use it as a last layer of product for the day or night so you keep it where you want it. Only takes a tiny bit! Try out Osmia Spotless Blemish Oil for clearer skin.

7. Mighty Patch (Invisible) Emergency Fix

Have a sudden outbreak right before an important event? These patches can take care of it in short order. And they prevent ‘picking’. Powered by Hydrocolloid, these invisible patches draw out the gunk without causing aggravation.

Wear overnight or at least 6 hours until the patch has turned white. Check these out as part of your blemish arsenal.

Wrapping Up Top 7 Natural Skin Care Products for Acne

I hope you found some solutions to your or a loved one’s acne-prone skin. I highly recommend going natural and avoiding the acids that have been used in the past. There are so many natural products that do just as good a job, or even better. Mostly because they don’t inflame skin that is already angry.

Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the Comments section below.

Thank you for reading today. Enjoy your clearer skin!

4 thoughts on “Top 7 Natural Skin Care Products for Acne”

  1. Acne is such a confidence killer and affects so many people! I’m glad to see that there are so many natural products available to help get it under control. 

    I have also heard that low-dose zinc supplements can help with skin concerns including acne. I’ve heard similar claims for magnesium too. Would you consider taking a supplement as a “natural” remedy for acne? 

    1. I’ve seen that too. I am definitely a believer in supplements. For this article, I wanted to focus on natural skin care products for acne. Thanks so much for reading and starting the conversation, Aly.

  2. Hi Paula. In your article you have included some interesting products to fight acne. My thirty-year-old daughter has struggled with this issue for many years and I’d like to help her find a solution. I’m going to show her your website and this post in particular. In the first item on your list, the ‘Himalayan charcoal purifying Clay wash’, you talk about tea tree oil being a probable antiseptic. In Australia we have been using this product for that very use for many years, it comes from the leaves of one of our native plants and I can personally attest to it being extremely effective. 

    Thank you for your interesting article, I’ll definitely pass it on to my daughter. Jim

    1. Hi Jim. That’s awesome.  Yes, I’m aware that tea tree oil is from Australia. It’s great that ingredients from all over the world have become accessible to most. 

      Thank you for reading and I hope she’ll try out some of these products and get some relief. Thanks for passing it along to her! 

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