Best organic shampoo and conditioner brands

Best Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Brands – For Beautiful Hair

I have searched high and low for the best natural shampoo and conditioner brands. Most are organic too! Like you, if I’m going to spend a little more on organic and natural hair products, my hair better feel soft and look shiny and healthy.

I’m featuring natural shampoo and conditioner brands since everyone has different hair needs. So the brand, in general, should have good shampoos and conditioners for all hair types.

I have mature, dry hair with a bit of gray so it’s a good testing ground for products for dry hair. I have found that only shampooing every other day and conditioning every day works really well for me. But these brands have products for every hair type

I am confident you will enjoy these brands.


After the birth of their second child, Innersense Organic Beauty co-founders Greg and Joanne realized it was time to slow down and live as healthy a life as possible—so they transitioned from the world of big beauty to the small, hands-on realm of cultivating their own plant-powered formulas. The company’s dedication to purity, peace of mind, and the practice of self-care is reflected in the entire range of everyday essentials. 

This is my favorite organic shampoo and conditioners. I love Innersense products. My hair feels luxuriously soft and manageable.

Shown are the Pure Harmony products for normal hair and the Hydrate Trio in travel sizes.

These products are made with ingredients such as coconut and rice bran, pumpkin seed oil, green tea, avocado oil, floral extracts, aloe vera, coconut oil, Tamanu, Monoi Oil and shea butter.

They smell as great as they work with actual orange scent in the Pure Harmony collection and sage/vanilla scents in the hydrating collection. Nice and subtle though.

100% Pure

100% PURE™ isn’t just our name. Or just our ingredient list. 100% PURE™ is a commitment to producing the purest, healthiest products and educating everyone on why being 100% PURE™ is so important. We strive to live with compassion, kindness, and empathy; to be environmentally sustainable, and to improve the lives of 6 billion people and animals while also being charitable and giving back to our global community.

I haven’t found a product I don’t like from 100% Pure. And their products smell amazing. This shampoo won the Vegan Beauty Award in 2022. Check out all their hair products.

Yuzu & Pomelo Glossing Shampoo – 13 oz

Hydrating shampoo gently washes away excess oil while giving hair brilliant shine, boun… [More]

Price: $34.00

Living Libations

Living Libations is the culmination of beauty philosopher and aromacologist Nadine Artemis and her journey into the world of green beauty. What started at a young age—when Nadine began mixing essential oils together to recreate the scents of popular perfumes—quickly became a full-time passion.

Today, Nadine uses botanically-powered ingredients to formulate ultra-nourishing balms, deeply hydrating hair care, and antioxidant-rich oils that are as effective as they are harmonizing for mind, body, and soul.

All wildcrafted botanicals used and sold by Living Libations are distilled only from the named plant matter, which is collected from the plants’ natural habitat in lieu of a farm—resulting in potent and deliciously aromatic products that both deliver and deeply

Truly organic ingredients in this concentrated shampoo and conditioner duo. You really don’t have to wash every day with this shampoo and conditioner. And they smell amazing. Love, love.

Shampoo made with Spring Water, Jojoba Oil, Seabuckthorn berry, Coco-protein, Yucca, Bladderwrack Seaweed, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (orange wax), Calendula, Red Clover, Oatstraw, Horsetail, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Stinging Nettles, Chamomile, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Vetiver, Lime, and Rosemary and Sage.

Actual sizes are bigger than these images appear.


Serendipitous would best describe Rahua’s inception, which came about when renowned hairstylist Fabian Lliguin visited the Amazon and noticed he was surrounded by people with long, glossy hair. Their secret, they said, was rahua oil. Today, Fabian and his wife, Anna Ayers, work with over 500 Amazonian families to sustainably bring the Amazon’s most potent beauty secret straight to your beauty cabinet.

Whether you’re looking for volume or hydration, Rahua has a luxurious shampoo and conditioner for you. Here is a great way to try them with this Jet Setter Kit.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found a new favorite natural or organic hair product brand. You can feel great about any of these brands. And they work so well.

Thank you for visiting and checking out these natural shampoo and conditioner brands. If you have any comments or questions for me, please leave them in the Comments section below. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Best Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Brands – For Beautiful Hair”

  1. Lizzy Stabel

    Buying and using natural products and cosmetics these days is something that became very important over time. Because I have read so many studies lately saying that adding chemical substances to these products, isn’t good for once health at all, nor for the environment. 

    I will try Living Libations, the ingredients look perfect. But wouldn’t the jojoba oil make my hair to greasy? thank you!

    1. Paula Dunbar

      Actually, our hair needs oil and moisture. It probably does depend on your hair type. But it cleans so well that you don’t need to wash your hair every day with Living Libations. Thank you for reading and your question. 


  2. Thank you for this insightful post. I think more and more people are choosing natural products instead of mainstream.

    Organic products tend to be free from harsh chemicals and preservatives. 

    I don´t know about you but I notice that my hair has different needs during the seasons. I find what works great in winter needs to be switched up in summer and so on.

    Thank you for the information on Rahua products. I´ve never heard of them before.

    1. I agree with different needs during different seasons. I am loving the Innersense brand for any season. In the winter, I need the extra moisture conditioner and in summer, I can use the daily conditioner. Thank you for visiting and for your insight.


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